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Changing resolutions for LCDs and laptop screens.

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Aug 3, 2002
I'm wondering how LCDs react if its resolution is changed (both max and low). Is there a signficant difference from that of CRTs? Are there some LCDs that really don't let you change its resolutions at all?

Similar questions on laptop screens - I understand that they've come a long way now, with the wide screen display. What happens to the display if you boot in safe mode? You'd also be unable to change the resolution in normal Winodows? What about the laptops with XGA and up?

Sorry for my ignorance, but I do not have a LCD and haven't used a laptop in a while.


Jun 4, 2003
Minnetonka, MN
LCDs are MADE to a certian resolution. Called the native resolution. Like on a 17" LCD the native resolution might be 1152x864. You can change the resolution to almost anything your videocard supports. BUT it wont look as good. What'll happen is that the LCD will interpolate the resolution down/up to the native resolution.

When you boot into safemode the LCD just interpolated the 640x480 into is native resolution. It'll look really fuzzy and blocky though.