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Chipset cooling question

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Apr 17, 2001
I have an Elsa Gladiac Geforce2 GTS and removed the stock heatsink and put a blue orb on it. I wanted to put a blue orb on my intel 815ep northbridge but it is too big. Rigt now it has the stock green heatsink on it. If I took that off and put the old geforce HSF on it, would it cool better. It would have to be thermally taped on (not grease). Let me know. Also, if there is a better HSF that would fit let me know. I have an Asus CUSL2-C Mobo. Thanks
what do you mean it is too big, are there lots of resisrtor in the way or just a few, you can bend some of the borbs fans to make it fit that is what i had to do to my geforce 2 mx
if it is too big you might have to use something smaller if there is no room-maybe try a ram HS, or something of that nature-I took a dremel and cut a square HS into the size of a quarter-works great-put a vantc fan on it.
Dont use sticky thermal tape you can apply thermal compound and then use 4 drops of superglue in the corners and that will hold it down its been working on mine for a long time. Yes the old GF HSF will work better then the greenie almost anything is better then the greenie.