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Clear Case mod for Laptop

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Aug 21, 2002
Edmonton, AB
I'm planning on creating a clear-case for my laptop, but I'm wondering a few if I should use Lexan or Plexi? Probabally the smaller the thickness/durability ratio the better (thin is good, easy to break is BAD)

Intending on re-designing the overall layout as well (throw some fans next to the yeyboard and some ducts by the cpu to actually allow cooling) since currently, the useless touchpad is in the way (stupid touchpad).

I'll probabally remove the need for a battery compartment (right under the touchpad and it's about as long as the laptop itself (created ALOT of available space)


0 = Harddrive
B = Battery

I assume this shouldn't be too difficult a mod and I always use dc power anyways. I might even adjust how the PCMCIA slots work to somewhat *integrate* my ethernet card into the laptop itself.

And of couse, Pretty LEDs are a must.

Feedback is always welcome of course. :D


Disection was a success.

Removed all the components from the old laptop safely and tested them once removed.

Indeed it posted and indeed I booted into win2k.

For anyone that cares, this laptop is a older Acer Extensa 368D (P166 MMX, 32 megs of ram, 3 gig hd, cd-rom, USB)

Also, I detected a few dipswitches on the mobo and I plan on playing with those over the next few days.

A little warning to everyone, I don't suggest at all for ANYONE who wishes to do what I'm doing anless you have an older laptop where the warrenty expires since I know I would have voided it sever times now by what I'm doing.

I should be posting screens pretty soon as well (digi-cam is broken so I'm gonna try and setup a webcam).
Im exicted to see how this one turns out. Good luck. I havent seen a laptop modded before. I would go with Lexan from what I hear. I hear is quite a bit stronger. But im not 100% sure.
wow that is a crazy idea you are a brave man even tho it is a p166 ...i would think lexan is a better choice over plexy but neither will be super durable unless you use some semi thick stuff...make sure to watch what you are doing with those dip switches i wouldnt play with any of them unless you have some documentation or you could end up with a nice melted mod hehe but good luck i cant wait to see the progress
If you want scratch resistance AND durability, you can order Lexan (Polycarbonate) 1/4" sheets that have an acrylic layer coated on them. McMaster.com sells them in various sizes.

I just got a 486 laptop for $5 and this mod really interests me...



My homeless laptop to date. I'll be going over to Home Depot on Tuesday to pick up the lexan, then to radio shack for some new leds.

I'll post some more screens then.
Well I found my original nintendo and after being inspiried by the Yoshi box I think I'm gonna integrate my nintendo into the Clear Laptop.

This is of course just some crazy idea in where I have to determine the layout how that'll fit with the size constraints. I'll be sure to post pics when I have the preliminary planning done.

A original gameboy or gameboy advance would be nice too....... now where can i get an original gameboy.......? (backlight modified of course!)
that is pretty cool! hope it all works out... now all youneed is soem cool lookin controls fo rit or just a nice paint jov/makover of the old ones
:D :eh?: :D