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FRONTPAGE Corsair Launches Darkstar Wireless Gaming Mouse with 26,000 DPI

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Nov 1, 1998
Corsair has just launched the Darkstar Wireless Gaming Mouse. The Darkstar is a highly customizable wireless mouse that features 15 programmable buttons and Bluetooth connectivity. Precision is accomplished with Corsair's MARKSMAN 26,000 DPI optical sensor and 2,000 Hz hyper-polling. You can get your own Darkstar Wireless Gaming Mouse directly from Corsair for $169.99. Below is Corsair's official press release.
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I wish they refreshed the Scimitar mouse or made it wireless. I have a hard time finding anything better, as there are literally 3-4 mice on the market with so many programmable buttons. I moved from Scimitar because of some repeatable issues (I had 3 of them, and each one had problems with the wheel after ~2 years of work). I already see that I won't like the Darkstar as there are too few buttons on the side, and their placement would be annoying for me. There are 15 buttons, but 6 are on top with DPI/RGB/wheel and regular left/right, so really usable are maybe 3, and since I have quite large hands, then 3-4 back buttons would be uncomfortable to use for longer, The Scimitar mouse has 12 buttons under a thumb.
I don't get why there is a need for 26k DPI. Great that it has such a good sensor, but what's the point? At least for everything I do, I'm not using more than 4k DPI. Most gaming mice have up to 6-8k DPI, and I haven't seen anyone complaining about it.

I feel like many new products are designed by people who don't even use them daily. The same with PC cases, motherboard layouts, or other devices. More often, I ask myself what people design all these new gaming products. Of course, the most important is that the product has RGB.
I don't get why there is a need for 26k DPI.
You don't have to... it's just a bigger number, and you need to buy it over less. :sly::screwy::rofl::rofl:

As an FPS gamer, I'm lucky not to need a calculator on the side of my mouse to have enough buttons. The three on the side plus the web wheel (scroll, L/R, and push) and the two on top (DPI and the other I customed a bind) work out great. However, I can see the need for other genres.

This is overkill for me, but somehow, I like it (and DPI has nothing to do with it). Also worth noting, it has 15 programmable buttons... the Scimitar has 17.

EDIT: FYI, this is a $169.99 mouse............. wow!!!!!!!
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I have keyboard keys under 12 mouse buttons, so I'm using my left hand almost only for general movement. Sometimes I'm adding macros, depending on the game. Without it, I couldn't play when I broke a finger and later after a surgery. I could still use 2-3 fingers from my left hand for w/s/a/d movement and all the combos have signed to mouse. Diablo 4 is even easier as I can play almost only with one hand as movement is with mouse too.

The Darkstar mouse in general looks pretty good and my comments are mainly about my preferences. I just wish they designed something that is missing on the market and gamers could really use, like a refreshed Scimitar mouse. The same did Logitech. They removed their MMO mice from the offer, and added 6-7 button options with higher DPI and other things which are not really important.

Btw. I'm using Razer Naga right now. After the 3rd Scimitar, I wanted to check something else and it was the only other option available in stores. So far it works without problems, we will see how long ;)
Was using the Asus mouse (Gladius II), but both failed in a short time (2x over 3 years) so I tried the EVGA X17 and it's been solid so far for my needs. :)