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cpu and board temps

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L1quid (Jan 26, 2001 03:47 p.m.):
when you get over 80Cs, that's the time to panic.
this applies to both.

hell no.... i would say once you get over 50... over 80 damage may result.
you want as low as possible, most people seem to like 30's the best as what is an ok temp to run at....
some even lower.. heat is your enemy.. and less is alway better
Yes I agree the lower the better. I currently have temps of 15c - 21c for internal case. and 25c - 34c idle & 34c - 39c when gaming.
I find that 44c is the cut of point for my CPU. the comp freezes and then it is beet. here are my specs. I have no problems and my CPU never gets above 39c now. Let me know if you would like any info about my system cooling. (all air cooled by the way)


Abit KT7-Raid (WW Bios)
VIA 4.26 4-1
AMD Athlon 1.0 Ghz
2 128mb Mushkin Rev.2
Herc GeForce2 MX 32mb (Tweaked for OC'ing)
Herc 6.34 Drivers
3com fast ethernet 10/100 Nic
SB Live w/Cambridge S/S Speakers
Maxtor 10gig 5400rpm (on Raid)
WD 10gig 5400rpm (on Raid)
Seagate 6.4gig
52x creative CDR
2 case fans (in/out 80mm)
air duct (directly to the chip)
Customised cutout case
300W Power supply
Win2k Pro
over 60c and i would start to panic....although ive heard amd says 90c thats just plain nuts. im at 53c and im not gonna panic untill the hgih 50s, as for case temp im @32c i dont think it should get much hotter than 50 or 60 either
My Tbird 850 is running at 72 C. Runs fine with a £4 HSF. Once I can be bothered to get a descent HSF and arctic silver then I guess its gonna go down. Also, make sure that you temp probe under your Tbird/Duron is touching you CPU fully to give an acurate reading by lifting it up so that it presses against your CPU firmly. I did this and it made a temp reading difference from 55 - 72.

I'm not worried until my system decides to halt or stutter, fins fine at the mo.
When I was aircooling if i hit 45C i was cranking the reotstat for my fans to the max, water cooling dropped my max temp down to 32C max so I was happy. Hurry up dangerden! I need my replacemnent clip hehehe
Talk about smoken! My 800 T Bird is clocked at 1000 and I am running between 45 and 47c with my FOP 38. I have not tried artic silver yet.

I was worried when my temp was running between 57 and 64c using one of those stupid super orb's