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Curious about High Temperature Posts

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Aces High

Mar 17, 2002
Tarzana Ca.
Whats up overclockers,

The last couple of days I have been going through various forums
looking for differences and similarities.The one thing that really stood
out was reguarding cpu and sys temps.All the posts are the same,cpu's
on fire,case is an oven,what do I do,help,fried mb,burnt cpu etc.....
With all the same replys,move this move that put fan here or there
change tubing run smoke through case to check air flow and whatever else.But very few forums,some not at all inquired about room temps.
This is an extremly important area in my opinion.For example,I live in
southern california where the temps are generally on the warm side du-
ring the day,and get alot cooler at night.my day temps are 45 48c load
and drop to 39 43c at night.Now from what I understand thats a big di-
fference.Especially so if your system runs in the 46c range,it could jump up over 50c.Not to mention case position.Is it next to a wall,on the floor in the corner and so on.I feel these are examples of situations that a newbie to computers wont notice right away.A well ventilated,or even better an air conditioner,is crucial.I hope this
dosent come off the wrong way,I'm certainly not trying to sound like
I know whats what.And if I have I apologize.:beer:


Unoriginal Macho Moderator
Oct 12, 2001
Los Angeles
Good point, and, room temp is asked about quite often when someone has temp problems. Most of the time it is a bad contact between HSF and CPU and/or too much thermal paste. I remember someone here asking why his temps were so high, it turns out he had the computer INSIDE a cabinet in his desk:eek:
I know what you mean...


Inactive Moderator
Feb 13, 2001
Twin Cities
What's hilarious is when people give good advice and the person inquiring just blows them off, insisting on a different solution, as if we're holding out on them. :eh?: