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Danger Den Waterblock Gets my VOTE!!

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Dec 17, 2000
Northeast Tennessee
I just recieved my danger den cooling block (maze style)made outta copper and I also received a Tidal pool aluminum. I installed both on my system and here are the stats.

Tidal pool 39c idle - 43c under 1 hr load

Danger Den 35c idle - 40c under 1 hr load.

Danger Den's block is AWESOME , it is heavy and made Excellent , the clip to hold to the MB the the easiest I have ever used. They have my vote and my future business!!!
With air cooling (alpha pep66t) I was getting 40C under load. Hmm Danger Den seems to be the way to go then for a decent block. My current block sucks worse than the alpha lol Wish I could get some feedback on thier cooling cube radiator though.....
I just installed a Danger Den Waterblock (copper) an it works great. Temps stays at 32C at idle an 38C full load,without a radiator yet.
Now have installed radiator(Hayden model 401(29.99 at pepboys) an attached a 120mm 110 volt fan from radio shack. Temps 27C at idle an 34C full load
Yep I love the copper block - with the copper cube radiator I don't have to worry about corrosion (I hope...). And the clip to hold it down is awesome :)

Just a shame it isn't as shiny as the pics - some lapping sorted that out but of course it just oxidises again ;P