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Did I just ruin my HSF???

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Apr 24, 2001
San Diego, CA
I bought a Global Win VGSO8H from coolerguys.com for my PIII 800. When I first got it, I applied AS2 to the cpu and then intalled the HSF. Well, my temps went from 46C (stock HSF) to a whopping 52C (with the GlobalWin). At the advice of a friend, I took off the GlobalWin and removed the thermal pad that came on it then sanded (with sand paper to BARE METAL) to make a good contact between the cpu and HSF. I then reapplied the AS2 and my temps went back to 46C, at full load it may reach 49C. My case temp is about 29C.

Why aren't I getting lower temps? And did I ruin my HSF by sanding down to the metal? I was reading the lapping section and figured that I probaly did a bad thing.
I'm gonna repeat what I've read. If I get anything wrong, please correct me. :) I'm still new...heh.

First, the pad that came on the HSF, plus the thermal compound is bad. The first thing I read said to take the pad right off. This I did. I used a blowdrier to soften it, a flat piece of plastic to scrape, and then rubbing alcohol to clean it. However, I didn't get it completely clean, and a lot of what I've read has convinced me to sooner or later, take the HSF off and lap it.

As for lapping, there are guides on doing that here. Read up, as I don't yet know enough about it to comment.

So, judging by all that, it's far from ruined, but you've got some work ahead of you.

Good luck!
the only way to get a bad lap is to make it uneven the reason your temps went up is that those thermal pads suck the reason it wont get cooler is because 40c is about the lowest you will probaly get with you processor with out turning to an actice cooling technique
When you "sanded" the HSF what grit did you use? You should make sure you have a very flat surface and work down to a very fine paper to get a smooth flat finish. And when applying AS use a credit card or such to smooth it out.

Hope this helps.
pii100 (Apr 26, 2001 11:06 a.m.):
....you processor with out turning to an actice cooling technique

Just to clarify..... Heatsink/Fan units ARE active coolers.... I know that you're referring to watercooling/peltiers (probably), but to make sure you're communicating clearly.....

Passive cooling would be defined as simpl9y a heatsink... no fans or other moving parts.

sorry bout the confusion i consider hsf passive as it relies on convection to cool the heat sink whereas a pielter uses a pumping technique to move heat