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DLSSG To FSR3: Frame Gen Modded For RTX 20/30 Series GPUs... But How Good Is It?

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Aug 14, 2014
"What if every game that supports DLSS 3 frame generation could work on RTX 20/30 Series GPUs? Would you need to upgrade your RTX 3080 for Cyberpunk 2077 RT Overdrive if frame-gen was available? That's the enticing opportunity offered by DLSSG to FSR3. This is currently an Nvidia-only solution that patches DLSS 3 frame-gen in all supported games, using FSR3 to deliver the frame generation component. Alex Battaglia tests it out."

I have mixed feelings about this, even though it definitely works and gives much higher FPS, at the same time (at least in Cyberpunk) it feels like there's some sort of resistance, like I'm moving the character underwater, if that makes sense?
Could be latency? If the base frame rate (before generation) is low, the latency multiplies up to be noticeable. Don't know where the line is but it probably wont be good starting from 30, better from 60.
Possibly, but it's responsive, it feels more like it's running at lower FPS (than my normal) even though the FPS counter is much higher, if that makes any sense? Could someone else give it a try and double check?
The video did show some problems at times with the mod, where you get spiky frame times. For example, if you get shown two frames very close together, it doesn't contribute to the smoothness as much as if they were evenly spaced out.

I don't have CP2077 so will have to leave it to others.