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Dns Help!!!

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Dec 28, 2003
Hello Kind Person,

I'm attempting to setup DNS for a Web Server, beginning with the core
Domain Name and files, paving the way for additional Virtual Hosts. In the
past few days my research has included: Craig Hunt's TCP/IP Network
Administration, Albitz and Liu's DNS and BIND, numerous web pages,
(including www.isc.org/bind8/index.html), this news group, the Linux DNS
howto, and the documentation delivered with the Bind 8.1.1 distribution
(bind-8.1.1/misc/{dns-setup, FAQ.1of2, FAQ.2of2).

Net result: I'm lost!!

A couple questions and then I'll list the contents of my /etc/named.conf,
and my /var/named

1. In the new Bind 8 /etc/named.conf, do the terms Master and Slave
replace the named.boot terms Primary and Secondary?

2. My co-location ISP is handling the reverse files, am I right in
thinking that I need only 3 files for a basic web-serving DNS? I.e.
/etc/named.conf, /var/named/127.0.0 and /var/named/K4AZL.NET/db.k4azl?

Here is the contents of the /etc/named.conf file:

options {
directory "/var/named";

logging {
category lame-servers { null; };
category cname { null; };

zone "k4azl.net" in {
type master;
file "K4AZL.NET/db.k4azl";

*zone "nothingspecial.com" in {
* type master;
* file "NOTHINGSPECIAL.COM/db.nothingspecial";

zone "."in{
type hint;
file "root.cache";

zone "0.0.127.in-addr.arpa"in{
type master;
file "127.0.0";

Here is the contents of the /var/named/127.0.0 file:

@ IN SOA yompy.k4azl.net. hostfriend.yopmy.k4azl.net. (
4 ; Serial
28800 ; Refresh
7200 ; Retry
604800 ; Expire
86400) ; Minimum TTL
IN NS yompy.k4azl.net.
1 IN PTR localhost.

And here is the contents of the /var/named/K4AZL.NET/db.k4azl file:

@ IN SOA yompy.k4azl.net. hostfriend.yompy.k4azl.net. (
97120502 ; serial
3600 ; refresh (1 hour)
300 ; retry (5 mins)
3600000 ; expire (41 days 16 hours)
3600 ) ; minimum (1 hour)

localhost IN A
yompy IN A

With these configuration files, using nslookup, I get the following:

yompy:/var/named/K4AZL.NET# nslookup
Default Server: localhost

Server: localhost

Name: localhost

> k4azl.net
Server: localhost

*** localhost can't find k4azl.net: Non-existent host/domain

Many thanks for any help you can offer.