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does the...

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Senior Member
Mar 9, 2001
Queens, NY
thermoengine have a easy mounting system
because i am thinking of getting it for a friend's Thunderbird 1ghz
I bought one for a friends 1100 and it clipped right on there, no muss, no fuss. I would remove that tape they have on there and go with some AS though.
A lot depends upon which motherboard you intend to mount it in. My KT7A has a row of electrolytic capacitors that make access to one side of the clip difficult and if it is mounted in a mid-tower, access to the clip on the other side is darned near impossible. The first time I installed one that I borrowed, I chipped a corner off of my 1G/266 Tbird. Really pissed me off!
Luckily, the CPU still works okay, but the experience led me to create a different retention system design, for people who put the HSF on and take it off frequently. I will submit the design article in a week of so for publishing on the front page.

Mine went on my KK266-R without a hitch. I heard the thermal pad that comes with it is pretty good, but I slapped some Arctic Silver on there instead and it works great.