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does this sound like a good deal?

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If you don't mind having to run at 110MHz/220FSB max then it should be a step up on what you have now. There should be an option to select 12.5 X multiplier with a BIOS update & can get you possibly 1375MHz or select 12ABOVE & coupled with a 1.4GHz Thunderbird 200FSB will get you it's rated speed. If you have a 1.4GHz 266FSB(more common) it can be modded so that the board sees the 14X multiplier by simply cutting all 4 L1 bridges.

I would save up & buy a more recent board to keep up with your VCard.
VIA KT133 chipset is the weakest of the kt's it will stick you with a 200mhz fsb so you only need a duron in it but I think it would depend what your going to do with it?!?! high power no big time $$ saver yes with fair power
Cool, thanks for the info. Any suggestions as to a good motherboard for an AMD system? I would prefer to go with a 1.6Ghz but I guess I'll take whatever the wallet dictates :)

I found a 1.6Ghz Athlon XP for $73 + $5 for shipping, does this sound like a good deal?
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Thanks Beavis, that seems like a pretty good deal to me. Although, if I were to put a 1.33Ghz on it, would I be able to OC at all or is the max cpu listed as fast as a motherboard will go? I'm off to check out the refurbs now. Thanks.
The KG7 is a great overclocker from all the comments I read. I have a similar one the Abit KR7A-Raid. The KR7A-raid is has a newer chipset but the KG7 is very similar and should be a breeze to overclock. A good idea may be to buy the board first and install your 800mhz T-Bird then flash the bios to a newer version so it supports higher mhz processors. I recommend the Athlon Xp 1600 from Newegg for about $52.00. That cpu is an awesome overclocker and you'll have all kinds of fun using it.


If you can wait and watch Newegg refurbs for a week or two you can find some good deals. I've seen nice boards for cheap among them being the Abit KR7A or Abit KX7-333 which are newer boards. There are other good ones too but I really like Abit. You have to check Newegg often because they update the refurbs alot during the week.