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Favorite Audio Part

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Dec 13, 2005

So here's mine. The idea that you need to spend hundreds, maybe thousands on a single audio component.

Now I haven't spent as much time in the audio game as most of you. I've only been here maybe 15 years. Admittedly a good decade of that in the "Budget Legion".

From what I've learned over the years is that it's not about dumping money into a single component. It's about finding a sound you like, and finding a component to tweak that sound to what YOU like.

And thread idea - post what you think is your single favorite component. To make it fair, let's say under $200 brand new in box.

I'll start off.

I'm normally a headphone guy these days but I like a good, punchy sound. The one component I've leaned into heavy is actually a stereo receiver, a Yamaha R-S202. It's a standard two speaker receiver/amp, does two zones, does 100wpc clean. Bluetooth, radio, all that. Best thing is it can be found on sale for maybe $125ish.

So, any others?
Good wired speakers. Not going to get into brands to buy but there are many I, personally, will not hook up for music.