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Dual CPU or jnot HELP?

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oc jason

Senior Member
Feb 12, 2001
Fayetteville, AR
Dual CPU or not HELP?

Well planning a new system, and was thinking a dual setup, using at least Dual 1700+ chips to start with. I dont know crap about dual setups, but will i benefit anywhere except RAW MHZ, i mean the OS or win2k and Xp will use a Mp setup correct, but will all the software out, or just some progs. I play games some, and usually surf the net, burn cds and mp3's alot.

I do however do some photoediting, and video editing, ripping, encoding. I just dont wanna shell out the $$ for a good board and 2 chips, to have Photoshop 6 the only prog that really uses all that adual system has to offer.

This will all go into an Antec sx1040b case, using air cooling, 2-80mm panaflows in rear and 2 80mm Sanyo Denki's in front. (might go to 1-120mm intake), then each chip using a HS (Possibles are:Glaciator since i currently got one, or a some ALPHA PAL 8045's on each, for the 80mm fan- i want it decently quiet.) How much will a 2cpu system heat up over a single one.

the case now is [email protected] 41c idle adn 43c load.

Please shed some light on my subject, also i am hopeing that the new chips will fit in currect sockets? that way i can run a dual tbred setup when the chips come out? any ideas?

Please list some good Dual Boards-Brand and Model

Sepcs are to be:

Dual AMD Board
2 Xp1700-2100+(not sure what chip to use yet)
Geforce 2 Pro 64 at 250/465
minimum:60 gig HD space.
512mb Mushkin pc2400
hopefully mobo has onbard sound
CDRW, and CDROM, Floppy
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