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first things first!

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Apr 18, 2001
just gettin started here with my first post. yes i am new to this stuff but im becoming more addicted the more i read!!!!
i have no chip sensors in my stock puter according to mbm. so how else can i get some decent readings for before and after the oc?

i will try to figure out how to post my puters specs with this but for now its a stock gateway amd athlon 600 w 7200rpm hd 8mb. voodoo lol. thanx for any help.
You most likely won't be able to do a good overclock with a stock Gateway. You'll need a different motherboard, if you have a socket A (vs. slot A) cpu, I'd reccommend what I have, Abit's KT7A. Gateway's stock motherboard almost definately won't let you change the settings you'll need to in order to overclock. It's very likely that you have slot A, but I'm not familiar with slot A motherboards that are good for overclocking. If you still have stock cooling on the CPU, I would highly reccommend getting a quality heatsink, there's plenty of reviews, etc. on this site to help you find a good heatsink/fan combo.
Hey Gerry136, my real names Gerry too. I pronounce it more like Gary ecept with the E sound instead of the A. Most people say I should pronounce it Jerry. WTF. Welcome to Overclockers.com! This site has some great and knowledgable members. Afraid he's right about your mobo not being too good for OC'ing. I am waiting on a board to replace my Hewlwtt Packard P2B for the same reason. The OEM manufacturers have their boards custom built in a way that severely limits tweaking.
thanx jerry and slake for the response and u were right i so have a slot-a mobo. i understand what ur saying about this board not being very good but i figure why not melt this puter while learning and then ill upgrade when this one hits the trash barrell lol.
do u guys know of a decent way to keep track of my temps cause i have no chip sensors. thanks again all!!!
I couldn't get MBM to work at all at first. I couldn't figure out which chip to chose from the MBM setup screen. Couldn't find any reference in the manual for my board which I located after a lot of detective work at the HP support website. Finally I just went down the list of chips, pausing for about a minute after selecting one to let it refresh, and stopped when I finally got a reading. You could try that, or get a add on temp sensor and display such as compu-nurse or digital doc I don't remember if youve already tried SOFTFSB to squeeze a little more Mhz out but you can try here http://www.tweakfiles.com/processor/softfsb.html . Again you might have to try selecting a few different boards. Try to determine exactly which board you have by searching at the Gateway website and any support forums found there for your particular series of system.
Good luck!