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FPS, Input latency & Refresh-rate

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Dec 20, 2012

I usually play at 1440P@120Hz Freesync 6.7ms input latency. I have been playing HDR 1440P@60Hz Freesync 6.7ms input latency, i get about 90-100 fps. Feel a bit like something is 'off'. Considering my CRT used to be 72-75MHz and my Voodoo 1 one could do 30-35 fps, i'm thinking it can be lower refresh rate?

Going from 60hz to 120hz+ is sorta like going from a membrane to a mechanical keyboard, everything suddenly feels right with the world and you don't want to go back 😁 To me lower refresh rates feel stuttery, like you're watching a movie with missing frames, it's a niggling feeling at the back of my head that I really can't get rid of until I go back to "normal" high hz...
I remember when 75Hz. and 1600x1200 on my CRT was the bomb. I agree w/ED though, 60 FPS or sub-60 FPS is instantly noticeable in an FPS once you get used to 80+ FPS.