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g sync vs adaptive sync [NOT FREE SYNC]

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Jan 1, 2008
Colorado Springs, CO
My understanding of these system is that

Free sync is built on the adaptive sync standard and I have never seen a monitor listed as "adaptive sync" only "free sync", I'm hoping Simone jumps in here if they have seen otherwise.

I guess my other question would be are you talking about the Nvidia "Adaptive V-sync" vs. "G sync"?

Regardless, of you are going to be running a 1080ti I'm pretty sure you are going to be stuck with a G sync monitor as the last time I looked Nvidia cards will not enable Adaptive Synchronization on a non G sync monitor.

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Also I looked up both monitors you have listed and they support Free sync so will not allow for variable refresh rate with your 1080ti.
My understanding isn't perfect, but FreeSync is a more stringient extension of adaptive sync. Adaptive sync is a part of the display port standards: aka any conforming hardware can use it. FreeSync takes it a step further with tighter restrictions on what qualifies as FreeSync, more so with FreeSync2.