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Galaxy A71 5G. . . . from a huge disapointment to.....

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Mar 11, 2003
I picked u a Galaxy A71 5G last year and when I got it the phone was nice and all but it was a bit glitchy. Switching from WiFi to 5G was a hastle as it would often times get stuck switching back and forth and eventually had to be restarted for failing to connect. A temperary fix was to force it into 4G mode. No biggie to me, 4G was fine. Even then it would drop calls for no reason etc. I bought this from Samsung directly and it is unlocked. I decided this year I would upgrade and let someone else deal with this thing. (My neighbors 12 yr old would love this thing. lol). It plays music and all that but again had some issues. Laggy might be the best way to explain it. And so then....... today I wake up to the new Andriod 12 update complete with what??? New FIRMWARE !!!! Thats right new firmware. Now this thing is like a brand new phone ! I mean every single glitch I had is gone. Poof!! Even 5G is working properly. So for now I'm very happy with this phone. I think it even works better then the day I got it. What is My point? If you have one of these I recommend you get the A12 update ASAP. I suspect this issue is related to the firmware for the audio as it seemed all my issues were in one way or another related to audio apps or the use of the audio codec. I think this because now when I use anything sound related it reacts much faster and does not error out all the time. I also notice when I speak commands to my phone it now understands much better and again reacts much faster. I hope this info helps anyone with these issues.