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GeForce2 MX 3dmark score is 2456, and the heatsink is HOT.....HELLLLLPPP!!!!

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Dec 18, 2000
I just bought a MSI starforce 818 GeForce2 MX 32 mb. I benchmarked it with 3dmark 2000 and my score was 2456.This is even with the memory oc`d to 190.I have installed the latest Via AGP drivers and am using Detonator 3 7.60 drivers. my TNT2 non ultra ran faster than this. When I pulled the card out to inspect, the heatsink was very hot( almost too hot to keep your hand on it)is this normal?During the adventure scene I can tell when the GPU is hot becuase i get purple flashes acros the screen. My TNT2 never had this issue.

Any ideas are appreciated!!

My rig
Duron 650@800
256 mb Hyundai PC133
FIC AZ-11E Mobo
Quantum Fireball 6.4 hdd
MSI starforce 818 GeForce2 MX 32mb
The newest drivers would help. Try some of these first. Don't overclock for now, your card may not be very good for overclcoking, get a default benchmark first that reflects the best you can get the card running right now.

The GPU on the card runs hot, mine does. The quality of the chip determines if it can run hot at a higher speed, some won't. Mine runs fine at higher speeds at the same temp, so it's part luck of the draw and quality of the manufacturer.

Make sure AGP 2x or better is set.
For my Asus 7100 I did the following at got just under 3000 marks in 3D Mark 2001, I don't know if yours is 2000 or 2001.

- Removed heatsink
- Cleaned off DOT of compound they had on there
- Reapplied compound to entire chip, replaced heatsink.
- Installed two ThermalTake Heatsinks on the memory. They wouldn't fit strait because of a bit on the circut board so I have them installed with them sticking out the *** end of the card about 2-3 inches (more on this later)
- Overclocked in 5MHz increments and kept retesting with 3DMark2001 until it started hanging and then backed it down 10MHz for safety (Ended up 200/200)

This worked great for me, before doing this I couldn't get it above 180 on either.

I think extending the heatsinks out the back worked for me to since the heat moved down and away from the memory a bit, as well in my Lian-Li case, I have those two front fans which moves air past those heatsinks quite well so it works pretty good. Also I have a Slot Fan ejecting air from the case installed facing up right by the GPU so that helps a bit there.
That's nothing! I have a Radeon 32mb DDR and I got ~2000 on my last test. I'm not sure what I did, but I'll try to fix it when I feel like it. On, my first test, I got like 4100 points. I also got like 1600 on 3D Mark 2001