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SOLVED Gigabyte z170x gaming 5 3200 cl 16 2x8gb corsair boot fix with xmp

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Dec 20, 2015
Hi, I had issues with booting with xmp using corsair cl16 3200mhz 2x8gb 16gb I updated bios did everything I can to f4 which didn't help at all it will run at stock 21xx speed as deflaut but wont run in xmp so what I did is that I flashed back to FD3 which says its beta and solves xmp problem.

Step 1 download the bios from gigabyte website and check the correct bios for your motherboard usually if ur your box says gaming 5 eu or just gaming 5 choose the correct motherboard you have.

Step 2 when you downgrade or flash dont do a quick flash do a normal flash after this you'll get this bios screen choose a language

step 3 click F2 for classic mode

step 4 click Advanced memory setting as you can see in this pic memory stock speed

Step 5 set it to xmp profile 1 and then set it to relax oc other memory enhancement dosen't seem to be working after restarting

step 6 save profile and save and exit

step 7 check the bios again it should have the correct speed

step 8 boot windows download cpuz check memory section you should see the correct timing and cl 16 and speed 1600x2 = 3200 mhz or 1500x2= 3000mhz for 3000mhz something like this


Do this if your really desprate for a fix I am pretty sure it will fix many issues with rams faster than 2666, kingston hyper x fury 2666 works fine without all of this but to be honest I changed 3 asus pro gaming motherboards z170 have usb issues let alone the xmp profile I even changed the damn cpu and got another motherboard the gigabyte gaming 5 neither without issues atleast gigabytes less boot problems we have tried G skill 3000 3200 in the shop and many other rams proven useless with xmp so before sending back your ram regardless of which brand is useless seems many z170 motherboards have this issue try my method and I hope you don't to go through this crap making you paranoid about every single part you put togather tbh regardless of the motherboard the bios updates are crap for the ram support skylake motherboards are crap I wish ive went with x99 5930k meh :(.

Benchmarks 4.7 ghz Corsair 3200 2x8gb mhz vs 2666 2x8gb mhz kingston hyper x fury



note that the corsair was able to boot in 4.8 mhz but wasnt stable even at 1.395 I didnt wanna push it. kingston seems really hard it would get stuck in boot and I have the poke the damn cmos with a screw I swear next time ill make sure theres a cmos button on the motherboard that previlage :(
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