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Good harddrive that is comparible to an old 74gig raptor

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Jul 9, 2007
Currently I have a 74gig raptor from 2006 (don't know which generation) in the HTPC I'm building. The pc will be on 24/7 and it's in my room so noise is my number one concern.

I know Vista likes to do indexing and what not around 3am etc. Is there any harddrive that is competitive with this raptor AND IS QUIET and available at microcenter?

I used to have a 320gig Seagate....which had a "slow" AEK firmware...it was terribly slow. I'm done with Seagate and their crap, looking for a WD if possible.


Game-Sinew President
Feb 21, 2008
Albany NY

The raptor should work fine. If it is noise that you're concerned about then I recommend investing in a Hard-drive enclosure for the raptor http://www.coolerguys.com/lohdsil.html. The problem that may occur with this depends on whether or not you have a free 5.25" bay in your HTPC. Another viable solution to replace the raptor would be a Solid State drive, but they are very expensive and are low storage solutions. I use Western Digital drives in all of my builds and they work great for me. I'm not really sure how much of a speed gain you're looking for over standard 7200rpm hdds (I find 7200 rpm drives to be responsive enough for most needs, especially HTPC).

Hope this helps!


May 23, 2002
Seagate 7200.11's are good...most any newer drive is about as fast as the raptor in bandwidth, but the raptor still has better access times...10k spindle speed is a big advantage for seek times.

I wouldn't stick a raptor in a quiet HDD case, it'll get very hot!