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got question on cak 38 too? my temps still seem too high???

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Jun 3, 2001
Just got a Cak 38 installed moments ago and found the temp to be 66c,, oops think it wasnt getting good contact with the cpu though i was using the arctic silver 2 after carefully cleaning the old stuff that came with the old hsf off. I had a hell of a time mounting the bracket so reversed it (keeping the ident on the hsf in the right direction still) and reseated the hsf. Now im getting temps about 4or 5c higher on idle then my old hsf but about 10-12 lower in max usage.

That being said im showing at 1.725volts at 9x133: 23c ambient and 46c cpu.

Does that seem a little high to anyone? is there something obvious a newbie like me might be missing?

Note i removed the little riser card i purchased to protect the cpu after seeing that 66c and didnt replace it on the reinstall.

On a side note... i DO NOT as such sniff solvents hehe but after over a hour of using rear window defogger repair kit and rewiping the die with nail polish remover ive sucessfully mod'ed the L1, i felt ummm strange. Hope that hasnt got anything to do with it.
Oops yep apparently i was high at the time,,, had the whole fan assuming unscrewed when it exploded into pieces onto the floor. when reassembling i musta rearranged the clip back the old way then mounted the heatsink with the indent on wrong side. Im 41c now under steady load bryce4. It musta been part of my livid rage from the modding the L1 for a hour straight and looking through a pair of binoculars backwards that clouded my judgement.