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Have a question on my heatsink.

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Oct 13, 2002
I have a cheap coolermaster heatsink with no thermal paste on my xp1600 right now, and I wish to replace it with a sk6 I got with ShinEtsu paste but I cant get the coolermaster off. I tried unclipping the clips but they wouldnt budge. I dont want to break the handle for the fan so any help will do. Thanks in advance.

Hard to tell you what to do. Sounds like you're going to have to use a pair of pliers or needle-nose pliers. Be VERY careful. A slip can be fatal to your motherboard. My old heat pipe CoolerMaster had a thumb tab to use, does the one you have?
You are putting a screw driver in the one end right ? Just checking that you aren't just using your fingers.

For really tight HSFs I use a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. I just the clip down with the screwdriver and use the pliers to realise the clip.

As deeppow says be real carefull a scratch across the motherboard could damage/kill the board.
Sorry for not responding earlier, took me a few hours to get the job done. I'm now at 32'c (idle) 36'c (full load) which is a big decrease from 50'c+ temps. I had to pull down and out very hard to get that coolermaster off. I bent part of my mobo in the process, nothing major but it got me scared for a minute. Thanks for all the help guys.
Yeah bending part of your motherboard is something major alright.

It took me about 45 minutes to put a retail AMD heatsink/fan on someone's asus motherboard/xp2100. I am paranoid about the heatsink installation.

But I can say that the new P4 heatsinks are very nice, very easy to install (the ones that use the stock retention part)