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HD Audio over Discrete Outputs (RCA)?

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Oct 16, 2006
Can I get full quality audio from a BlueRay without using HDMI 1.3?!? I simply do not have the money to upgrade audio receivers with a receiver that will provide the level of current that my speakers needs! I am also assuming switching to 1.3 would require a new sound card and/or video card!

So, Can you get CD Quality (or Better) audio or better from BlueRays on all 6 channels without HDMI? Will the Asus Card or any other card provide this?

The Asus Xonar HD1.3 Card says it outputs full Blueray quality sound. I see reviews that it will require TMT to play it. The Asus Xonar also does not specify if HDMI is needed or not needed to play this?!?

If I need to switch to HDMI 1.3, do I need to buy a new Audio Card with a new Video Card, or does the Video Cards now handle the audio?

Please Help!?!

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I am looking to buy a Audio Card. I had a Bluegears card that died on me. I am running onboard audio, and though I get a hiss at louder volumes so I want to upgrade!

My receiver and videocard/sound card, does not support HDMI 1.3! I am looking to buy a Soundcard, and was looking at the ASUS Xonar HD1.3 because it claims to support the Full Audio Sampling of BlueRays. However it does not Specify if you need HDMI to utilize this?!? I also see reviews that state that you need TMT to get full sound. The problem is that the Asus soundcard had a troubled start. It seems to have been improved into a very viable option, however finding recent details is hard since Google’s page rank is faulty since it provides older reviews and forum posts!

I hear mixed reviews on sound quality from the Asus, but the reported 120db/noise ration is the highest available. Reports, Reviews and Specs are hardly scientific studies. For all I know, some of these people might be playing there sound off poor quality audio setups.

I hear reports that the sound is "Downgraded to DVD levels". DVD runs DTS and Dolby Digital at SPDIF rates, which is around 300Kbps (for all 6 channels). This is a very low bitrate, and most studios compensate by almost muting out the rear channel on DVD's! When I play Bluerays, the rear channels come alive! Am I nuts?

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Dec 20, 2000
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Yea it would just play the core sound of the HD audio, as it well not bitstream. Also the kbs of DD is 640k and DTS is 1.5meg. Before I got my HD4830 with HDMI, I ran an AuzenTech Xplosion with upgraded Op-Amps. The Op-Amps where rated at 120db and DD and DTS played just fine and all 5.1 speakers played. Take a look over at AVSForums. If you can afford the ASUS Xonar HDAV1.3 Deluxe, it has upgradable Op-Amps. You can get Op-Amps rated to 136dB as well.
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