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Heatsink Lapping

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Apr 17, 2001
I have an Alpha PAL6035 and was considering lapping it. I had a few questions.
1. How much of a temp difference do you think this will give me? (I have a 26cfm YS Tech fan).
2. Can you tell me how to lap it and go through your techniques?
you want to wrap sand paper around a flat surface like a block and lap the HS evenly..wet sand with water until you get up to a grit of 800 or so. i went to 1500...then clean the surface with acetone to remove any residue

some poeple even use HS compound on there last sanding pass, havent tryed it myself yet though
The 6035 I saw a picture of looked like it had a pretty good finish on it already. You sure you want to lap it? If you do and yours has the same nice finish as the one I saw, consider starting with 600 whetted with soapy water. Clean off the slurry on the paper with more soapy water as it gets dirty.

Have you tried it without lapping yet? I had a pal6035 that was so smooth I decided against lapping. It did have some blackdot discolorations in the copper that would not clean off with alcohol and elbow grease. The temps were no better than my Step Thermodynamics heatsink which I did lap, so I took it back.
Just remember to be careful when you're lapping. You want the surface of your hs to be EVEN! Use a piece of glass or finished marble. You can also, rather than use water, use oil, but the finish won't be as good I think. Just stick w/ some fine grit (400 - 600) wet paper, and do a really good job.