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Apr 22, 2001
CA Bay Area
I just ordered new parts for a computer for me to assemble. im kinda a newbie so i dont know what is the problem. I put everything in the case and on the motherboard except the pci cards. when i boot nothing shows up on the moniter. only twice i got it to work but i had mixed up the ide cables so it didnt detect the hard drive so i had to turn in it off =(. no i have that corrected. i know its not a problem with the mobo because all the fans go on. its prolly not the processor or ram because the company (multiwave) tested the ram, mobo and cpu together. its not the graphics card because i have tried 2 different cards in it and its not the agp slot because the fan on one of the cards will turn on. its also not the moniter because i have tryed 2 different ones. its WILL turn on but i just get no video. help!
Although I'm fighting other problems now, one simple one I missed in the manual on my install was that the IDE cables need to be color correct (blue connector here, grey one here, etc.). That will help a lot of ills. Also, If you hold the insert key down during the power on, it will boot with really slow settings, kind of a safe mode. Then you can pump up the speed bit by bit to see what might be the big one...

Hope this helps!
Sounds like you are on the right track. You have eliminated most everything from the equation. Try replacing the IDE cables and like B1 said make sure they are connected correctly. But if you are getting ABSOLUTELY nothing on the monitor, (is the light on the monitor green or orange? Green means you have signal orange means no signal from the computer. Some older monitors only have green for powwer on.), that sounds more like a video problem you may have a bad AGP slot or your video card is not seated all the way. You can still get power to the fan on the video card without it sending signal. I had a mobo one time that had what turned out to be a bad AGP slot and about every three days you had to push on it to get the computer to boot. Do you get any beeps from the computer when you turn it on? What do they sound like? Check your mobo manual for the series of beeps. That will sometimes clue you in as to the nature of the problem.