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help finding Vdimm and Vcore mod for leadek K8N

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Just Freeze It
Mar 11, 2003
I haven't been able to find any diagrams or anything showing this mod.

I've been looking and will continue to, but I need a little help.


L337 M33P

Jun 5, 2003
If you follow my guide here

This will detail what you need to know and how to find it out. I don't think anyone has Vmodded such a board yet seeing as they are like 4 months old, so you are on your own. You need part numbers, Google and some datasheets ;)

Vcore should be easy, VDimm is going to be harder as there are other DDR voltages that look very similar.


OK, I *borrowed* this pic from AMDzone.com and marked on it where the regulation chips are most likely to be. Yellow is most definitely Vcore. The little blue one is probably Vdimm. There are other suspicious looking chips that it would be wise to get the numbers of.

Now find out the part numbers printed on the top of the chips...


Do you have the K8N Pro or non pro?
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Just Freeze It
Mar 11, 2003
I don't think mine is the pro, it doesn't have the extra IDE port that the pro does.

I'll have to wait for my multimeter to get the voltages off them.