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Help me choose monitor please. U2414H but want glossy

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May 6, 2008
I thought I wanted a dell ultra for a long time. A few years ago I picked up some 19" 4:3 ultras and was amazed how these 10+ year old monitors looked vs my ASUS. Much better then my current mane monitor (ASUS VH222H Black 21.5" 5ms). After looking into monitors it was easy to see why the old dell ultras looked better then my ASUS in some ways. Ultras rule!

My local microcenter received some dell ultras and S series and I quickly realized the heavy anti glare coating applies to the ultra line. I am now contemplating other options because I think I want a glossy monitor.

The dell ultra 23.8" goes on sale for $200 sometimes so that is about what I want to spend. I can spend up to $250. I have microcenter gift cards so purchasing and item they sell is almost a must. They price match newegg.

Want in a monitor
-usb 3.0
-I game a little so response time and refresh rate is always nice.

Need in a monitor
-vesa mounts

In a dream world I would want
-dell ultra
-vesa mount
-more than 60hz
-display port and hdmi
-sub 4 ms response time
-usb 3.0 ports. Only need one since my case has no front usb 3.0.

Thank you for reading yet another help me choose a monitor thread. As you can see by my early 2009 purchase of my current ASUS I do hold on to monitors and parts for a long time.

I've never noticed any picture quality degradation by having the anti glare coating on my 3x U2414H's... Is that what you're worried about?

Really I prefer them WITH the anti glare because it keeps room objects from showing up in reflections.
Speaking strictly about the Dell model monitors:

There is no picture degradation with Dell's anti-glare coatings that I can determine either. I have been through both types of screens and found the shiny coat to be unsatisfactory (for me). Mirror like reflections from them just were too distracting and downright annoying. If you're a major gamer then perhaps the shiny panels would pass your muster but picture degradation from the anti-glare models is an Internet legend.
YAhh, let me clarify. I don't feel the quality is any worse.

But I do feel the colors popped more and looked better/brighter on the glossy surface.

The actual detail and contrast looked great on both.

I have my computer in the basement and never have to worry about reflection.

I need to look around town and see if anyone has an S series 1080 ~24" that is glossy and USB 3.0 ports.

I also noticed some Dell's having two display ports and two HDMI. Besides wanting to hook 4 different things to the monitor why? Am I missing something

I don't have to buy a Dell.

Maybe I want what I can't have. Hehe
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Which Dell were you looking at in person? The colors are quite vivid on mine.

Also, there are a lot of Dell monitors in the UltraSharp lineup which are color calibrated and include the calibration report in the box.
It's possible the glossy monitor you were looking at wasn't calibrated for accurate color representation.
I went back and spent some time comparing the monitors and changing the pictures between a few I was looking at.

Long story short the u2114h rocked. Not sure what I was thinking before. Now I just have to wait for new egg to drop it down to $199 again and have microcenter price match.
The U2414H is quite amazing!
You can check the price on PCPartPicker to see multiple sites at once.