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Help me with my celly 600!!!

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Aug 21, 2001
Okay I've overclocked it to 945mhz is my highest. Anything after that it just doesn't work. I even bumped my voltage to 1.95. My cpu is a celly sl4pb w/vantec HSF 23 degrees idle 28 degrees load. But still I can't get it higher. My ram is Texas Instrument not name brand but still good. I was wondering if I should disable my L2 cache in my Be-6 *not BE-6 II or v2.0 just BE-6*. Can anyone help me?
That's actually quite a respectable overclock, especially if that Celly is a cB0 stepping (1.5v default). If you disable the L2 cache, that will kill the performance. Sounds like you're close to the limit of that processor.
If I remember right its a Cdo stepping. Its a 1.7v default. I don't know what else to do.
Nope. It's cCO. I have one of the SL4PB's myself, I ran it on my 2nd rig at 1024 (on a Gorb no less!!!). But I vid-pinned it to 2.05V to do that, and it wasn't completely stable, and I ended up running it at 1008. 945 is quite a respectable overclock, and I doubt you'd get much higher with the L2 disabled. Usually, disabling the L2 makes such a small difference in overclocked speeds that it isn't worth the performance hit you take. I'd leave it where it is and burn that puppy in! You might get higher after that.
yeah, I agree with batboy, you are pretty much hitting the limit there. Considering it's not heat problem, neither is voltage (1.95v). Unless you want to try what jazztrumpet216 has done, pin vid to 2.05v. But for 63MHz more, not sure if it's worth the effort.
My old celeron was only able to hit 929MHz (without giving ability to increment FSB 1+) and I was pretty happy.
I also believe that you have reached the limit of your cpu.
My celemine600 can go up to 810 at default voltage(1.50) but in order to run at 900 or higher (up to 930 unstable) it needs 1.75 which is the maximum voltage setting in the bios (abit BE6-2).
I have tryied to push more with L2 disabled (posts at 950) but is unstable and the performance is so poor i would prefer to run it at 600 with L2 enabled!!!
You should be happy with what you have achieved.Be patient and burn it for some time and maybe with better cooling you may go a little bit higher. Do consider to cool the BX chipset and the PLL chip.I cool them both and my board is very Very stable! Just the freeking Celemine won´t go higher than 900.
God luck;)