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Help on OC x5650 on MSI pro-e

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New Member
Dec 13, 2017
Hi everyone !
I'm pretty new on OC and i want to give it a go, and i maybe need help !
Last year, i bought a xeon x5650 and a msi x58 pro-e and i think it could be a decent pc (i also found a gtx 660 ti OC for 45$ so that's great.)

Now, i've order a new case (mine was a bit small) and a watercooling bloc for CPU with a great ssd, so i think i might be ready for trying OC this little CPU :-D

I've already OC it with the automatic button on the MB (that settle BLCK at 166 if i'm correct ?) so i'm reaching 3.8Ghz with boost.

BUT ! I've got a temp on NorthBirdge problem (like all msi x58 board), so i'll attempt to fix a little fan on it, i think it'll be all right, and i also got a ram issue:
i've got 3x4Gb ddr3, but my MB won't recognize it all (8Gb max) even if cpu-z showing all 12GB, and i tried to switch ram slots but when i look into the bios for understanding wich slot is failing, the number of the slots seems to be random ?
I mean, if i put my ram in 2 4 6, bios can show them in 1 2 6 or 2 3 6 and
if i put them in 1 3 5, bios can show them in 1 2 6 or other ****ty things like that, so i'm a little lost here.
Anyway, in a few day, i'll receive my order, and if i get time to do, i'll install and try to OC (otherwise it'll be next year in january x) )
So, my questions are:

is it necessary to OC on this board with the blck speed switch on the board ? Or is it preferable to do it all manually ?
Should i try to clear cmos, then install, then driver up the MB , then try to OC ?
Should i let voltage on auto ?
And what do u think is the top speed o could reach whit it ?

Thanks by advance and sry for my poor english (i'm just a random french dude ^^ )
I'll post back here whenever i have questions, or when i received it all, etc ...

P.S: i'm new to this forum so i hope i'm posting this in the good section...

THs again !


Jul 26, 2004
Yes manual overclocking is always the way to go . Get in there and tweek =) might have to clear cmos a few times as you are learning but you will get the hang of it .

Does that CPU have a unlocked multi ? if not then you will have to use Bclock to raise the oc .
I looked quickly and On one review I saw they were able to hit 190 on that mb .

With your ram Issue IDK the msi site says
" Supports six unbuffered DIMM of 1.5 Volt DDR3 800/1066/1333*/1600* (OC) DRAM, 24GB Max
- Supports 1Gb/ 2Gb/ 4Gb DRAM size

- Supports x8 / x16 data lines per DIMM
- Supports up to 3 channel mode"

So looks like it should work .

When I do a Windows Install IMO a stock speed install ( or a OC that that have tested beond a doubt ) is best .

Some one else with x58 should chime in to help @ some point =)


New Member
Dec 13, 2017
Hi and thx for the answer !

So i got everything install but i got issues:

my ram isn't working correctly, i'm 99% sur that my MB has non-working slots, but i've managed to stay with 8Gb, so, i guess that's my top option here.
Then i tried to OC, but oddly the bclk is stuck, and i can't touch it unless i set everything on auto, then i switch with MB to 166Mhz, then i start for testing,
on windows everything work properly at 166*21 (everything on auto: if i tried to set anything manually, it won't post )
and i'm currently with the switch MB button on 200Mhz * 20 and the bios is ok with that (on auto, temps ar ok too) but on windows 10, it shows only 2660Mhz (so 133*20 )

What did i wrong, and what should i do ?

Thx all !


Hi guys !
So after a few days, tweaks and failing, here i am:
My ram won't go further than 8Gb, i think slots 1 and 2 are dead and so triple channel doesn't work on the working slots, but 8Gb will be enough... (im a little sad, tried everything i could think of for the ram, but, even if the bios recognize all 3 dimm of rams, it shows only 8Gb)
But i've managed to go to 4Ghz + !

Vcore: 1.4
Bclk: 200Mhz
QPI: 1.47
Vram: 1.55
Memory Ratio: 1200

Everything else is on base voltage, and i've got c-state and eist enabled
So i'm like that : Bench (2).jpg
and it goes up to 4.6Ghz with turbo boost and x23 mutliplier.
Is that settings ok ? Thanks anyway for the forum, i've read a lot of helpfull things here !
Cya !
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