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Help overclocking 11700K, please!

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New Member
May 22, 2024
I know this is a old thread but i just picked up that cpu "i7 11700k" for $169 doing a budget build and snagged a used GABYTE Z490 AORUS Elite for $80 I looked up this board because it was in my searches as a must for overclocking this cpu. Anyway hoping to get 5ghz all cores with turbo on like my current i7 4930k i must of won the lotto on this 3rd gen chip clocked @4.5ghz all cores no volt stepping prime 95 for a hour on 120mm AIO cooler hits 62c and i feel like it could do 5ghz but i don't like turning off the economy settings or boost tech i want it to throttle down not burn up my electric bill lol. Anyway if you stumble on this thread and know O/C tips for the Z490 let me know. Oh and yes i game in 1080p it's better to game in 1080p with 200+ fps on ultra settings
Moved to your own thread. ;)

I know this is 10K series, but the same rules/voltages apply... give this a whirl...
I think I had that mobo and CPU initially, but it was never stable even at stock. I wrote off the mobo as bios not being sufficiently supporting of 11th gen as Gigabyte microcode for it was way out of date even months after 11th gen launch. Replaced it with an Asus B560 and all was fine.

If you don't suffer the same problem, a tip I'd give is disable AVX-512 if you run Prime95. Either disable it totally assuming the bios allows you, or you can manually deselect its usage in Prime95. It will be another level over AVX2 stress and as far as I'm aware not used by games. Looking at my notes, my 11700k did do 4.9 GHz with Y-cruncher, which is a less intense AVX-512 load compared to Prime95. For non-AVX-512 loads maybe 5.0 is possible.