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Here's the skinny on Samsung USB Flash Drives WRITE SPEEDS

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You get what you pay for. Just make sure you know what you need the drive to do and spend accordingly. And yes, flash drives do fail so the advice about having more than one backup scheme in place is excellent advice. Cloud backup is the safest single solution if you are only going with one. The downsides of cloud backup are: 1. the potential for hacking and 2. the slow recovery speed. Concerning the latter, I have helped people recover data from Carbonite backup over the net after catastrophic hard drive failure and it can take some time to get everything back, depending on the speed of your connection and the particular plan you purchased. The company prioritizes it's uploads so stuff can trickle in over days. Kind of works like google photos in that sense.
Using the same single large Blu-ray file, the Read speed of Samsung DUO PLUS 128GB is 245MB/s which is more than six times faster than its write speed.

Read speed of Samsung DUO PLUS 256GB was similar to the read speed of Samsung DUO PLUS 128GB, however:
The Write speed of the 256GB model is 60% faster than the 128GB model and 400% faster than the write speed of the 32GB BAR PLUS.

400% is waiting 5 minutes versus waiting 20 minutes to write the file - a considerable, major difference.

....And comparing the Read/Write extremes, 256GB model Reads the same file a 1000% faster than 32GB model Writes it. A 1000% difference!

Two minutes vs. twenty minutes!
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In order to do the test with a 30GB single Blu-ray movie file, I had to fresh format each with NTFS.