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Home made chiller....

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Dec 25, 2000
Well, now that my DD2 is on the way, I am now thinking about converting my old block into a "chiller". However, I need to get some more info, here's what I had in mind:

Coolant flow from output of pump to chiller, and there would be a valve on 1 of the 2 T barbs. X percent of coolant would flow through the somewhat open valve, and the rest would just continue as normal. The cold coolant would then exit the chiller, and mix with the coolant that didn't get into the block, and it would have a "balancing effect" on the tempature of the coolant. Then after the exit of the chiller, it hits the DDMaze2 block, then to a heater core radaitor, then to the pump again. Note tha I don't want to go below room temp, right now, I'm running at 118F after playing a 3D game for a while, what I want to do is use the chiller, and X percent of coolant flow, to reduce that temp back down to ~80F or so. How powerful of a TEC would I need to get? I was thinking about a 50 or 60 Watt...what do you guys think?
Well, i've been thinking about a 50Watt TEC, that should be enough combined with the radaitor. If that is going to be the case, I have a Hedgehog and delta fan combo that will cool it just fine. However, i'm not really sure yet....
I think I would change the order around a little. I have a Swiftech block that is simmilar to the maze2 in that the inlet is located right above the core. I have found it best to have the outlet of the pump feeding directly into the block this shoots a jet of water right above the core and gives you maximum cooling.

Here is what I think would work best.
Out of pump and into water block
out of water block into radiator
out of radiator into tec cooled block
out of tec cooled block into pump

Also this way the radiator would pull as much heat as posible out of the water before it reached the tec cooled block letting it work more efficiently. I don't think you will have any condensation problems as you are not going to get really cold temps with only 1 small tec being used, a little insulation on the DD2 block would be a good idea though just to play it safe.
Hey wow thanks, I finally ended up with a 65Watt potted TEC from www.tedist.com and it was a decent price. I figured 80Watt may have been a little much...but then again...who knows... :)
kind a strange question? what is different between potted TEC & peltier? just curious!
lightning (Apr 16, 2001 10:45 p.m.):
kind a strange question? what is different between potted TEC & peltier? just curious!

For the purposes of this board, nothing.
A potted peltier is sealed to keep moisture from getting inside and jacking up all those "things" in there.... :)
I am currious to see how this works out because I am thinking about doing something like this myself with summer and higher temps comming soon. The problem is that while ambient temp water cooling is better then any h/s it is still limited by your room temp.Just a little something to take the edge off is what I am looking for. This is why I like chilled water cooling it is not affected by the temp It's just ashame I can't do this for all my systems, only 1.