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How can I use MirrorLink on my Android phone?

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Mar 4, 2018
Hi everyone,
I have been using Android devices for over a decade now and some time ago I got a new car with Android Auto and Mirror link.
Luckily Android Auto is working fine but it is limited as Google trying to make Android Auto safe for driving.
So I wanted to mirror the entire phones screen to the infotainment screen. As I remember it used to work a couple of years ago.
But I can't figure out how to do it with the latest Android.
I own Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 and I only managed to mirror the display with some 3rd party app that mirrors only some apps.
but not the entire screen of the phone as I would want to.

Will appreciate any help you can offer cause I can't find any help on Google.
Some website saying I need root (why?) and some are asking me to download shady 3rd party software (that doesn't work either).
but no one can tell me the solution to my problem.

Thanks :)
many of the newer "smart" phones dont output video like the older phones did. I want to guess that the Samsung Note 4 were the last to actually function correctly. When I had my Note 4 I also had to purchase a 5pin to 11pin USB adapter to make it function with Mirrorlink. I currently have a Samsung Note 9 and it will interface with Mirrorlink but has to do it over wifi- my headunit has wireless cababilities- but it is way slower than just using Android Auto.
I wontn claim to be an expert here. These are just my experiences