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how much interest for...

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Jun 6, 2002
In the first GameBoy or GameGears? i just found both in my closest while cleaning it out. the interesting part is both work only the GG doesnt play sound thru the speaker. picture on the GG looks a bit off from what i remember, hard to explain. odd part is to, i have the battereir pack for the GG with a AC adapter that can also power the GG.

thought about selling them in the classies but wasnt sure what a fair price would be or if they would even sell...

thanks! :salute:


Apr 23, 2001
in the uk retro gaming is getting pretty big and a working first generation gameboy in good condition is considered pretty cool. (most were binned, dropped, broken over here)

I would advise checking out the retro gaming community and retailers, with limited supply of such products good condition working game boys are always desirable.


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Jun 6, 2002
not sure what you mean by binned, mine has one scuff on the bottom left side. works perfect, was playing MegaMan3 on it or was it 2... not many games for it about 6.


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Aug 1, 2002
Game gear may be worth selling if they still play. Especially if it's not made by Majesco as those don't work right with Sega Master System cart adapter and a few Game Gear games.

Gameboy may be harder to sell by itself as games are still playable on Gameboy Color (with better screen) and Gameboy Advance (SP especially with built in light) I play on my GBA-SP exclusively because the original ones never had backlight, original ones had slower LCD response and blurred a lot, and original ones don't look like classic NES.

Some popular games like Metroid 2 shows improved custom color palette when used on GBA rather than the original 4 greyscale shades.

I'd suggest you look through eBay completed auctions to get an idea of what is worth what.


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