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How the **** do i remove the fan from the card ???

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New Member
May 1, 2001
I got a Inno3d Geforce 2 MX card and I recently bought a new fan for it.

BUT !!! The old fan, or whats-its-name thats is underneath it. (Heatsink?)
Well it looks like some metal black thing with lots of things sticking up.....

That is whats can´t be removed. It´s possibly glued to the card.
Does anyone have any tips or how-to´s that would help me to solve this problem ? It feels really lame to buy a fan just to see that it´s not possible to attach it.......

I hope all the minds and experience from this site would help me in getting the freaking thing off.

Thanks in advance !!!

Get a 3D game that uses a lot of the Video card's function, like 3dmark 2000, let the demo loop for 30 min, after that, immediately take out the Video card off your puter.

Take a blunt knife (use the Kitchen Chicken knife, the big fat one, allign the knife at a 45 degree angle, and GENTLY put the knife between the heatsink and the GPU, and GENTLY move from inserting it from the 45 degree angle to 30 degree, push like that GENTLY and pretty soon the Heatsink will come off.

Remember too much pressure will break your GPU.

Anyone else feel free to add to this
I did the same after putting it in the freezer for about 20 minutes. I thought well I will pry on one side, then the other....etc
much to my surprise I put the nife under a corner and did a little twist and it popped off. I thought, well maybe I can glue that hunk of cpu back on LOL
but luck was with me and it was in one piece..
I don't really know if freezing the glue is correct or not but mine came off real easy.
Ive heard of two ways. 1-Run some 3d intensive apps and then it should twist right off. Ive never done this so i cant comment on how well it worked.
2- Put the card in a ziplock bag and in the freezer ( i let it sit for at least 45min) Then grab a knife and pry like hell. This has worked for me in the past. Ive heard that it makes the compound brittle? i dont know exactly what it does other than it works for me.