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huuuge problem, not sure what cause is, but powersupply most likely

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Nov 10, 2005
I have just bought a new set of mods for my comp, fans and stuff... including a new cpu fan...
I took the old cpu fan out, tried to put new one in, discovered that stupid thing didn't fit on motherboard (i'm not stupid, the fan would fit on others, and the socket is the right one....
Having just discovered that, i was going to put my old f/h/s back on, then realized that the order han't included the thermal grease i had ordered and i didn't have any more-leave that for now then. Next day (today) decided the thing would run anyway, and it did, fine. Temps mid 50's when I checked bios, fine and dandy.
Then having done that, I went to restart, and as it was booting, it died.
Since then I have had to take the power out, turn psu off, back on, put kettle plug back in and then I get a flicker. The psu fan gets one spin, as does the cpu fan, thats it.
I have taken ALL the mods out, cathodes, fans, nothing but HD, CD and cpu fan in, my mobo doesn't need the p64 power plug, in fact doesn't have socket so thats not in.
The mobo is a pcchips m848a or m848alu, not much difference, and sorry, but I cant rmember wich one, I think its the m848alu personally.
The processor is a AMD xp barton 2800+, not clocked. The fan is standard. Seatgate barracuda 80gb HD, winfast 340, fx 5200, 128bit.
Psu, which may well be the root of the problem, maybe loose connection? Is a COLORSit 550W golden silent... if that means anything to any of you.
Thanks for any help/solutions, blunt advice/telling me my psu's dead, whatever...


Jan 1, 2005
might not be enough tim left on the heatsink,causing a failsafe cutoff? hopefully you didn't burn it up :eek: also do you get any beeps on bootup?

Know Nuttin

Senior Member
Mar 25, 2004
Ontario, Canada
try jumping the PSU to see if it will turn on by itself. Use something to connect the green wire to a ground on the ATX PSU Connector (after removing the power cord from the rear of the PSU and disconnecting the PSU from the motherboard). A paperclip works fine. After you have connected it, then you plug the power into PSU, making sure that you don't touch the paperclip or whatever you have used. It should power up.