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i lapped my heat sink =)

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i have the swiftech mcx-478.... i was bored..my comp is down due to mobo rma...so..i had some 2000 grit sandpaper...so i lapped it for about 30 mins..i need to do it for alil longer but i got a nice shine on it. so its nice..cant wait to get it put back on my cpu....btw... on the p4's it has that heat sink type thing on it...so..can you lap that? i would see it being kinda hard not to bend the pins.... has this been done?


The Xtreme Senior Nobody
Jun 21, 2001
Nice! What did you lap it on? Just kinda curious..... And just keep in mind, it doesnt have to be a perfect mirror surface, just flat and smooth. But I made my waterblock (SilverBell) pretty smooth myself, just cuz its pretty! :D Gonna test it later to see how well the rough/smoothness varies the temps any.

Sorry, no clue about the P4 question, Im an AMD man!~! Dont know squat about Intel...


Mar 21, 2002
Blackpool in the good ol' UK
dude... really really really bad idea to lap a proccy...

the metal on em is pretty thin, an you really dont wanna go through that an ruin your nice chip... pretty expensive 'test'

never personally tried it.... but a mate tried it on an old p200 mmx an it shafted it... :(

just my 2p worth.. :)


Jan 9, 2002
bay area
shouldn't this be posted in the cooling section. You might want to ask your question about lapping over there. People seem tokknow alot about everything and may be able to give you some reliable answers to your problems.