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Intel I7 980x question

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New Member
Oct 31, 2009
hey all,

I just read an article about the Intel core I7 980x 6 core CPU on technology website and as I am about to do a big upgrade i wanted to ask a few questions.

Firstly would i see a big improvement in speed / performance difference upgrading from my current E7200 CPU to the core I7 980x CPU ?

I do a lot of video editing for work and game quite a bit, my PC is running really laggy at the moment and i will be upgrading in the next month or so, so i am really hoping for some feedback as to would it be worth waiting for this CPU to be released or should i just get one of the current quad core cpu's that are available now.. my PC is not very productive at the moment.

Thanks in advance for any helpful replies.

Regards Lisa


Sep 19, 2009
Baker, FL
In all honesty, the i7 920-975 quad line is, and will, hold up... the new 6 core line along with the LGA1366 socket seems to be the route of Servers for the future of intel... at least that is what some articles on the net say. The 6core will be overkill and about 1grand... so i hear, but hey, I still want one, and i am rocking the 1366 socket to fit it. If you are still upgrading, i would recommend a cpu from the i7 quad line. If you overclock and want this site to help out... go with a i7 920, good cooler and a Gigabyte/Asus board and let us help! I am sure it will help with your video rendering needs... that, and SLI/Tri-SLI GTX 295's!!