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Is this a ram problem? If so, WTF is going on?

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Ray McCoy

New Member
Nov 1, 2002
My new System

AMD XP 2200
512 mb XMS 3200C2 (400DDR)

With everything on the bios set to default, the system works fine. Only problem is that I need to manually change the fsb to 133 for the system to correctly read my processor. Doing so however makes the system unstable. It reboots without an error whenever I try to do something 'intense' such as Installing a game or even something like scan disk.

My first thought was that the my 80gig Western Digital HDD or EPO 16xDVD rom was screwed, but I have my doubts considering it works fine when the FSB is set at 100.

Other Ideas was PSU, Voltage, and heat, but my PSU checked out fine, and the heat peaks at 52c. Ive tried max voltaged for the CPU (1.75) and memory (2.8) but same thing happens.

If it matters, according the the post screen the memory is loading at 333mhz 2cas.

Cant think of anything else to mention. Windows XP boots up fine. Once in awhile it will reboot after the windows splash/loading screen but Im not sure if thats related or not.

Is this a Ram problem? If so any ideas on how to fix this problem?