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Is this temp change normal?

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Jan 4, 2001

Just wondering about my gig T-bird. When I started, it was running full load around 56-57 C, which was hot. I then scraped the pink sh!t off the hs and used thermal paste, and added an intake fan to the case. Then, my CPU was running about 52 C, where it usually is when I'm using the computer (RC5/OGR Distributed.net in the background).

Last night I disabled everything and ran a full Disk Doctor check on the HD since my computer has been less than stable lately.

I turned on the monitor this morning and it said the CPU was 27C. I turned on Distributed.net and watched it start climbing. It hit 47 by the time I left and was still rising. Is there really that much difference between no-load and full-load?

Is it just that my hs has a low saturation point and I need a new one? Or is this normal?


20C is a big temperature change, but it's not too abnormal. It should be fine - I don't know what mine is at idle, cos it's always running SETI, and it probably wouldn't be much different as I'm using 2.2V :) It may be due to the air in the case heating up, causing temperatures to rise - in that case you need to think about airflow through your case, and add a fan or two.
I'm not too worried about the case temperature being the problem since the temperature increase was over the course of a few minutes.. the "system temperature" barely changed the whole time, this was all CPU.

20-25C change just seemed a bit high to me, so thanks for putting my mind at ease.

Oh yeah, I do plan on getting a new case in a few weeks anyway.. the one I have is labelled a mid-tower but the power supply is sideways, next to the ATX ports, sort of restricting airflow. I want to get a larger one on which I can attach an exhaust fan near the CPU. For a gig T-bird, whats the minimum power supply I should be looking for?

thanks again

Minimum is 300W. Check the Asus website for supported power supplies/cases. Two things to look for that I didn't know about. The power supply fan should support monitoring, and the power supply itself should have slots on the bottom for air intake and not a solid piece of metal.

I have an Enlight case which I got because I needed four 5 1/4 slots and the Irwin (I think) that was there only had three. I got lucky with the power supply since it did have the slots (slits?), however the power fan does not support monitoring. Does that really matter since I can see that fan and have another case fan right below it (that does support monitoring)? Probably not, but I WANT ALL MY GAUGES TO WORK! Anal retentive, obviously.