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IS this the most MOD checked area?

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Aug 8, 2002
Within the last 5 minutes I have seen 2 posts deleted. Do the mods hang out here the most?
I'm guessing that they are concerned about warez here. I'm sure they have their hands full with a certain leaked alpha right now.

Also, this thread should probably be in Forum Comments and Suggestions.:p
yea i wouldnt be supprized if this thread got deleted as well

Yes, today has been an amazing day. I've seen two threads deleted while I was replying to them. But you can't blame them, they are just doing their job.
Yeah. We wouldn't want something bad to happen to overclockers.com because of posts talking of something being leaked, do we? Although Ed's take on it on the front page sure looks conspicuous. ;)
Although Ed's take on it on the front page sure looks conspicuous

Oh boy, I sure agree with you on that! He just got an email from me about it. That info up there is totally contradictory to Ed's usual stance on piracy.

We need more continuity between the forums and the front page. That, or Ed just really really likes Doom3 :D
cack01 said:
Is it a paid vacation??
Sure, you'll get paid what you usually get paid for browsing the forums :D

Seriously though if you MUST talk about this, just go to some other forum where they let you talk about it.. This is a big, big internet I'm sure you'll be able to find one. Or call your buddy on the phone or something. :)

Rest In Peace *the UT Asia thread*