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Its up, Its running

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Mar 5, 2001
I have been on this forum for about a month reading and asking questions while figuring out what I wanted to build and finally I got all my parts yesterday and its running today. This is my very first system build. I decided to try and install the hard drive from my other system as is so I could see if everything I bought worked right . Besides not being optimized yet it works great.. I will format and switch to windows 2000 professional after a few days of test running

1.1 tbird 200fsb (not unlocked yet) Thermaltake valcano 2 (Mistake) Temps are about 40c idle There will be another purchase soon not sure what yet
Abit kt7a Raid
IBM Deskstar 30.7 7200 ata100
enermax 351 ve
256 pc133 micron cl2
TDK 12/10/32 cdrw
viper 2 32megs
SB Live
Pioneer 16x DVD
Hollywood DVD Decoder
Network card
Cable Modem
sunon front fan 92mm
generic 60mm in rear I will have to change all my case fans
I only have the bus at 100 right now
Just wanted to thank everyone for all the help with my dumb questions with more to follow I am sure.

This place is great!!!!!!!!
I'd have unlocked the processor before putting a HSF on, now you've got to take it off to get it back on. For the un-expreienced this can mean bye bye chip. All you hear is crunch and then DEAD.

Sorry to scare you.
As Andy says, be careful, and you should be ok. If you're looking for a replacement for the volcano (anyone seen a review anywhere btw?) I'd wait a couple of weeks for the Millennium to be released. You've probably seen the review below, and if it really does perform like that and it's in the $35 price range, it'd be the only choice for a hsf from then on :)
I bought the chip used and wanted to make sure it wasnt a light paper weight, before I unlocked it Actually the day the article came out on the mellinium I put a request for one . Thats what I was going to wait for
I will be careful, eventually I had to change one anyway. I may as well learn now