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Hi everyone,

I have a problem that I can't solve. I just built a computer for my friend and here are the specs:

T-Bird 900
Creative Labs Geforce2 GTS
2 sticks of 128 pc150 Kingmax
Global Win FOP38 w/Arctic Silver
Enermax 350W power supply
Generic 45x CD-Rom and Floppy
1 pci slot cooler, 80mm exhaust fan, and 2 80mm intakes

After building and installing Win 98SE, 4in1 4.28, ViaHardware monitor, and Office 2k, we then attempted to install his games(Kingpin, UT, Deus EX, etc.). The games will install to about 10% and then all of a sudden Windows will either just freeze or the majority of times, the CD-Rom will stop running and the monitor will turn black. We did get lucky and Quake3 installed successfully. I made sure all the ribbon cables and power connectors were properly connected, all the pci cards were properly seated, and the Video card is properly seated. And of course I made sure the heatsink was properly seated on the core. WHAT IS GOING ON? I have close to the same setup and I have never experienced this problem. ALSO, the temperature is reading at 100F idle and after 5 min. of Quake3, the temperature hits 110F.

Hope someone can give some advice.

As always, Thanks in advance.
You didn't mention which sound card, it could be it. Tell us what you're using and have you disabled the creative sb16 enmulation.
Hi Nomis,

The sound card in the system is an SBLive Value. Also in the system is a Kingston NIC. I put the NIC in PCI slot2 and the SBLive in PCI slot4. I did this because this is how mine is currently setup without problems. Could the problem be caused by IRQ conflicts? These are the only 2 pci cards installed. Thanks
It is one of the possiblity, by disabling the creative sb16 enmulation in device manager will free an irq.
Also, you are using pci slot 4 which is share with on board raid controller. My sb live is on the third with sb16 enmulation disable. and ethernet card on slot 4.
The slot 1 & 5, slot 2 & 6 irq are shared, slot 4 is for onboard raid and slot 3 is for onboard sound, which is disabled by the jumper right. Hope this help you.