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Iwill KK266-R Bios update????

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New Member
Apr 22, 2001
I have been trying to update the BIOS from KA0215B to KAB416B and am having a lot of trouble. I used the shift+f2 function and the AWDFlash program runs, but the status display shows that only about 1/3 of the blocks are write too correctly. The rest of the blocks show red indicating failed.
If I try to boot from a disk and run AWDFlash I type in the bin file to load and it comes back with can not find source file. Tried it on the floppy and hard drive. Anybody upgraded and did you have trouble?? Any suggestions????
sounds like you are using a bios for a different motherboard. The latest bios for the kk266r is kkr0416.bin and the one before that (the 1st official iwill turbo bios) was kkr0307.bin . I would imagine the ka**** bios is for the ka266-r board.
well thought you were right, right off, but then I check the old BIOS ver and it said KAB0125B I can't Flash the KA or the KK upgrade. I was about to reflash the saved ver 2/15 but would like the new fixes.
wow that is strange. Maybe if you flash with an older bios first and download a fresh new bios maybe it will work. If not you can email Iwill and tell them your bios screwed up and I believe (from what I've heard) they will send you a new bios chip. Good luck
Don't know what to tell you, I've updated my bios and have had nothing but problems, I'm about ready to do some target practice with this thing! (KK266 ver. 1.2)
hmm i have updated mine like 3 or 4 times and all went well. I have been using the bat file that the turks provided with their bios. I edited it so the program would install the iwill bios instead, restarted my pc in ms-dos mode, and fired up the bat file. Walla :)