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K7S5A Prob

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Puer Aeternus

Sep 23, 2001
In your head (Ottawa.Canada)
Hey all, I just switched fan-H/S on my MOBO (MiniSuper Orb to A Volcano 2) and when I turned her on....nothing...the fan works it is just that nothing on the screen....no post no bios no nothing..?!?.....I origionally turned it on and forgot to plug in the cables for the HD/floppy/CD-rom...I turned her off, unpluged and reattached the cables and back on and still black...WTF???
I am praying that I missed something small and that my board is okay...I am thinking it is the video card any ideas?

Ps..when I mean black screen I mean the monitor is on but the light is flashing like the monitor does in sleep mode.
First of all, try clearing the CMOS. If that doesn't work, then reseat your memory module.
If that doesn't work, then it looks like you're in trouble.
Same thing happened to me 2x last week.
On Monday, I replaced my hsf and when I turned the pc on, nothing. no post, no beep,
no video. I checked my 1200 Tbird, I crushed the core. I replaced it w/ a XP 1700+.
On Thursday, I again replaced my hsf w/ an Evercool HSF for less noise. turned the pc on. same thing, no post, beep or video.
I took my pc back to the shop and it was the mobo this time.
had to replace it, good thing it was still under warranty.
Good Luck.
Could it be the Hard drive...? I have a 13 gig 5400 that is 2 years old and getting pokey!
I am going to do as u suggested and maybe check the cpu again and try another vid card....hopefully it is something simple!
Maybe the Great God Of Overclocking will shine favorably upon me tonite...what appeases such a God..do i offer up burnt cpu's or old sticks of Ram?
I turned on the puter after checking everything and still nothing..my floppy is spinning though as though it is looking for something..feels like a boot up prob to me? Any more ideas?
If you can get a hold of another AMD system, try your cpu on it or try another cpu on your pc.
I think your cdrom spinning is normal since there is power going to it.
Good luck.
You can also try to restart, like a new install.

Unplug everything but your CPU, Mem, HDD, and video card.
Reset the bios using the CMOS clear. You may need to power completely down (unplug P/S cord from the case), and wait 5-10 minutes.

Do you get any beep codes when you attempt to boot?
I am going to try the 750 chip in my asus board first to make sure I did not damage it while putting on the new fan...took a piece off the socket while taking off the mini super orb and makes it sketchy while clipping on new fans...the piece in question is where the clip attaches...it still attaches okay.
thanks for the advice, i will give her a test later and report back...I pray clearing the cmos does the trick...but really....like I said...the monitor just sits there like it is in sleep mode...little power light blinking and no image, no post no bios....NUTTIN" HONEY!!!
I tried my 750 chip on my Asus MOBO and the same thing happened as I wrote above..so it is the chip and not the MOBO...which Is a relief for me as I can replace a chip but not experienced enough to change a MOBO yet...the chip is cheap to rplece as well...going to buy a Duron 1000mhz for $90.00(Candian $).
Sorry to hear about your cpu but glad to know you found out what your problem was. Quick fix if you've got the $.
AMD cpus are very delicate. be very careful when replacing the hsf. I would recommend using a non-conductive shim. I just got my shim last week.
Good luck.