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Kind of off the main subject of the forum but what do you guys think?

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Sep 24, 2001
Ok, I recently heard that Squaresoft was once again going to make games for Nintendo. I was pretty happy with this so i went over to squaresoft's site to see if i could find out more about it. Not much luck. So, i decided to subscribe to their forum to see if i could find out more about it. Man i can't stand that forum whatsoever! It's driving me crazy. So, I came back to the best forum on the net to hopefully get a better discussion going about this. What are everyone's feelings on this? I know this is pretty strange topic for this forum so i won't be too crushed if i don't get too many responses;)
Personally I would love to see Squaresoft and Nintendo get things patched up between them, but according to game mags and such it will not happen any time soon. "I" think it will happen, but how soon is anyones guess. I heard rumors that it will happen when the next FF game is released, because it will be playable online, but that's just a rumor :confused: .
According to Nintendo the first Squaresoft game coming to them will be released at the end of this year. So ya it won't happen too soon but it's definitely something to look forward to:)
homemadevolcom said:
square is going to make ffXI for every major new system out. Xbox, gamecube, and ps2. other than that, square is only making gba games for nintendo.

Are you sure about that? Where did you get that information?
It may be gamespot and one other site butI am a oyal square fan and I have done some reading up on them. Square recently invested aton of stock in sony indicated them staying wth sony. I read FFXI would be for all major sysems because it is an all online game and square figured they could round up some more buisnss but oter than that the origonal FF games on gba are the only things I herd being madefo nintendo. I know FF7,8, and 9 are being remade for playstation 2 so There is a very strong possiblility that square and nintendo a no more.