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KT133E chipset?

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It's been two months since the talk of the next release via chipset, KT133E. Currently, it is on sale in Japan. I heard it will have better support for the up coming Palomino processor and the chipset will cost VIA less to produce. Current info shows this chipset is design to use with “Socket A” 200MHz FSB processors, don't say anything about 266MHz FSB processors. The only noticeable difference is it's blue like GIGABYTE motherboards. It seem to be an economical version of the KT7A.
Update: It's availible now for $105 http://www.essencom.com
I wonder how it performs?
viahardware.com has a review on it

Its also on sale @ www.allstarshop.com for ~$105 (6.0/7.0 on resellerratings.com)
they claim that its a great mobo, just as good as the KT7A. Its only certified for 100/200 but viahardware was able to bring the FSB up to 147 no problems. If I was going SDRAM this seems like to mobo to get!
I was trying to read about this earlier today but the pages that I found wouldn't load properly. I did, however, notice that it will not have any onboard RAID and it appears to be geared more to the OEM's for the cookie cutter PC's
man that board looks sweeet..i may get it instead of the KT7a..but still like the guy said in the review whast up with thsi baord whats teh difference?

and will it be compatable with the palomino?