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KT7 or KT7A for overclocking? Need Advice!!

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Jan 18, 2001
East St. Paul, MB, CA
I'm upgrading from a BX6r2 to either the KT7 or KT7A. I'm looking at trying to overclock it a bit (nothing insane since I don't want to move to water/TEC cooling yet, though I am planning on getting a PEP66). I've been reading about problems getting regular T-birds (200 FSB) to run at 266 with a lower multiplier. I wanted to get some opinions on whether to get KT7 with 200 FSB T-bird, KT7A with 200 FSB T-Bird, or KT7A with 266 FSB T-Bird (whenever those come out...), Also I only have PC100 RAM at the moment and probably wouldn't have $$ to upgrade for a month or so after the rest. Thanks.
I would get the kt7A, because you can run it at 100 FSB until you can get new memory and you will still be able to over clock it using the multiplier. Then when you get pc 133 memory you can drop the multiplier and raise the FSB. Just my 2 cents.
if i remeber rite renegade, u lkive in the same city as me, and our good ol' american buddies are doing DDR testing and 200/266 FSB testing. SOOO when they reach canada (about another 3 months) we'll have a new revision of the board, and it should hve most of the bugs worked out of it. i'll let you know when they come in. i think you need special DDR ram tho to run on those baords, and DDR ram can cost almost 2x as much as SDRAM. Start saving now, you wont regret it. I';m saving for a Dual Socket A DDR board w/ scsi or UDMA100 i'm betting, 500 bucks for scsi and at least 425 for UDMA100. I'm going to Comp Ave this weekend to get my new Geforce 2 and DVD drive (I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!) so i'll find out when us canadians get the new athlon DDR stuff. i'll keep ya posted.