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Kt7a raid with 1.1 ghz only overclocking to 1.2 GHz help

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Feb 24, 2001
I got a kt7a -raid motherboard and an AMD 1.1 ghz 100 FSB.
I can overclock 100% stable only to 133 fsb x 9 multiplier. If I increase the fsb by 3 to 5 mhz windows will freeze as soon as it's done loading. if I go more than 5 mhz so to 138 fsb it has a real hard time booting. I have Generic ram and my voltages are 1.85 for the cpu which is really 1.94 V on the monitor(why is that anyways) and 3.4v for I/O which is 3.55 v on monitor?
Could it be my NIC card or the Soundblaster LIve! or my Radeon or do you guys think that it's a cpu problem? I have a taisol fan with a 80 mm fan right on it so cooling is not a big problem. My high temps run right around 47 C now at 1197 mhz I noticed that as soon as I pass 51 or 52 it locks up.

Can someobody give me some suggestions?
To find out if your cpu is willing to go higher, you should use the "pencil trick" on the L1 bridges on the cpu, and overclock by upping the multiplier in bios. Try i.e 12x100 and 12,5x100..experiment with lots of combinations. Try diff voltages for the cpu.

If you do this you will push both memory and pci devices out of the equation.

However not all Tbirds are good overclockers, and if you are experiencing lockups at current temps your only chance is probably to improove cooling. (yes cpu temps in the 50c° range are on the high side)
first USE only WW bios when overclocking

second try 3.5 volt setting in the bios and see if that helps

mine takes 3.4 up to 134 mhz....2.5 up to 142 mhz......3.6 up to 152 mhz....3.7 up to 162 mhz

so try some tweaking and make sure your running the WW bios !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ask anyone
Why only ww bios? Maybe youo could explain a little.
The CPU is unlocked with the pencil trick, maybe i should underclock the fsb to see if the multiplier goes up.
I have a practical question.
Say I go out to get an AXIA where do I sell my tbir? what do people do with their processors do the keep them?
I just went through an almost identical ordeal with a new KT7A and wound up returning it. A new one is on the way. It would not work reliably above 133 FSB, regardless of multiplier 5x-12x or voltages. Pulled out all the cards except the video and I even tried three different video cards. That was with PC150CL2 ram and a 266 rated CPU. The point being, don't dismiss the motherboard as being the culprit.

im in agreement with everyone... stay with ww bios... and get better ram... generic=**** for overclocking... trust me, i could only get my 1200 266 bird to 1300 until i got crucial 133 cas3.... not im stable at 1430, and win at 1466... :)

thank you all for your reply.

Where can I sell my old stuff if I wanna get new chip and ram for example?

I have a tbird 1.1 ghz and 256 mb of generic ram. I would love to get some good ram and an AXIA but I don't wanna spend 200$ and have a tbird and ram sitting around.
DOes anybody have a suggestion?PLEASE!!!

Also my cpu is unlocked with pencil trick I just ordered some conductive ink. COuld that be the problem?

I just try to increase my fsb with a multiplier down to 5.5 and it posted up to 143 mhz havent tried to load windows or put higher than that.
At 143mhz I started increasing the multiplier and as soon as I got to 7 to total 1.1ghz it had a hard time posting.
I forgot to mention I'm running now at 1.3 ghz with fsb at 104mhz x 12.5 as I write this with 1.85v and idel temp is 28c. Really low considering when I run at 133fsb x 8.5
i get around 32C.

I'm jsut trying to give more clues